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1.   Determine the type of hospitality property you would like to purchase and complete a buyer's profile.

2.   Develop a list of must have, would like to have, and could do without features.

3.   Establish how much cash you have available to invest and the maximum    investment you will be comfortable and able to make.

4.  Locate a broker you will be comfortable and confident working with.

5.  Review available/recommended opportunities.

6.  Sign a confidentiality agreement for properties desired.

7.  Analyze each opportunity against your list in step 2.

8.  Schedule private property tours.

9.  Make an offer to purchase through your GHS Associate.

10.  Complete due dilegence, including review of actual financials, in-depth property inspections, procurement of appropriate financing, and development of final purchase and closing documentation.

11.  Close the purchase.

12.  Reap the benefits of your new hospitality investment!

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