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                                                Improve Your NOI

Often, when it comes time to sell, owners have a need or desire to divest themselves of the operational apsects of their investment, prior to the actual transferring of ownership.  Additionally, with the extensive growth of the smaller inn/bed and breakfast industry, there is an increasing number of absentee owner/investors entering the marketplace.  To help meet this need, GHS has developed an Interim and/or Long-term Management Services solutions.

When owners feel a need to make a quick exit, GHS can step in quickly "ultimately" filling the shoes of the owner until a property sale has commenced.  When absentee owners/investors need professional property management, GHS can provide long-term cost effective assistance, either personally or through one of their professional management company strategic partners.

Each member of the GHS team is a seasoned Hospitality Professional, proficient with:

  • Enhancing Guest Service
  • Developing Winning Teams
  • Growing Market Segments
  • Improving the Bottom Line

Additionally, as real estate professionals, IRP and GHS are poised to assist in developing and implementing strategies that help optimize the return on an owner's investment.  We do everything possible to help you get the best price for your property, as quickly as possible, creating even greater value over time.

A GHS Associate will be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a personal proposal on how we can provide YOU Global Hospitality Solutions!

                                       Tel:  (360) 312-7698

                           E-mail:  Solutions@BuySellGrow.com

Raving Fan

"Your diligent marketing efforts, the incremental revenues generated, and your ability to keep expenses to a minimum have been very much appreciated.  As mentioned before, the renovations you facilitated surpassed my expectations.  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any hospitality property." - Banyan Tree Ranch House