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Whether you need financing to:

  • Purchase a new bed and breakfast, motel, hotel or business.....
  • Acquire an additional property.....
  • Purchase new equipment.....
  • Temporarily enhance cash flow....

                                                                          .....GHS has your solutions!

As a Licensed Mortgage Broker, GHS Managing Director, Ken Svejkovsky will work for you to obtain the financing you need.  Having access to 100's of lenders in the conventional, non-conventional and private money mortgage markets, we get you financing RESULTS with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!*

Financing a commercial property can be a very involved and complicated process.  Let us help guide you through the process and acquire the funds you need.  For immediate assistance finding a financing solution, please click on the link below and complete the brief questionnaire.  Once received, an Associate will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your personal needs.

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We have included additional information on the financing process below and hope you find these tips useful!

The Four C's of Financing

In analyzing financing opportunities, lenders look at what are commonly referred to as the four "C's".  Each plays a fundamental role in your ability to obtain financing.


You must have sufficient cash, or "equity", to arrange financing.  Depending on a number of different factors, the minimum requirement is 20% to as high as 50% of the business purchase amount.


Your credit score should be excellent.  Best rates are usually available for borrowers with credit scores above 650.  Lower scores can still be financed, and we have been extremely successful assisting buyers wtih challenging credit issues.  However, interest rates are typically higher and down payments required may be greater.


You may have to guarantee your loan with such things as stocks, bonds, 401k's, investement real estate and other assets as a security to the loan.


Your character must be sound and your background must demonstrate the experience, education, and ability to be successful in your new business venture.

8 Personal Items Required for the Finance Process

1.  A purchase contract for the business.

2.  Your bank account numbers and the address of your bank branch, along with checking and savings account statements for the previous 2-3 months.

3.  Pay stubs, W2 withholding forms, tax returns for three years, or proof of employment and/or income verifications.

4.  Divorce settlement papers, if applicable.

5.  Credit card bills for the past few billing periods, or canceled checks for rent or utility bill payments, to show payment history and amount of revolving debt.

6.  Information on other consumer debt such as car loans, furniture loans, student loans and retail credit cards.

7.  Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements and Tax Returns, if you are self-employed.

8.  Any gift letters, if you are using a gift from a parent or relative or other orgnaization to help pay the down payment and/or closing costs.  This letter simply states that the money is in fact a gift and will not have to be repaid.

4 Documents Required from the Business Being Purchased

1.  Last three years of income tax returns.

2.  Last three years of profit and loss statement and year to date profit and loss results.

3.  Last three years of state sales tax returns.

4.  Personal financial statement.

                                              Tel:  (360) 312-7698

                                  E-mail:  Solutions@BuySellGrow.com

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee - "If our clients are not satisfied with our professional and courteous service, we will refund any fees paid for our financing services. We require a written explanation of our deficiencies in order for us to correct or improve the quality of our performance.  Our clients are our measure of success."

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